The River Park® Treatment Centers and the "It's Great To Be Alive" television programs were true pioneering efforts in the field of educating and treating alcohol and chemical addiction.

During its existence, the River Park® Treatment Centers developed programs for intervention, family assistance, public education, and employee assistance.

The television show, "It's Great To Be Alive" aired throughout the Midwest on all South Dakota television stations, and a number of other Midwest outlets for more than 20 years and provided insight and understanding into addictions and its effect on families. The story of River Park ® cannot be separated from the story of Glenn and Phyllis Jorgenson. Glenn is a native South Dakotan, who served as River park's President and Chief Executive Officer from its start.

It is also the story of Glenn's wife, Phyllis Jorgenson, who was instrumental in developing information and training for families that had members with addictions. It is also the story of the many dedicated people who contribute in so many ways to make River Park® and the "It's Great To Be Alive" television show grow into truly remarkable vehicles for expanding understanding of alcohol and chemical addictions.

In the late 1980's, the River Park® treatment center merged with Lutheran General Healthcare Systems and no longer exist today however Glenn and Phyllis Jorgenson and the River Park Foundation continue to educate people about family issues including alcohol and chemical dependency and its affect on the individual, family, friends, business associates and society.