In addition to his work with River Park®, Glenn Jorgenson is a successful businessman, former state government cabinet member, and a South Dakota Hall of Fame Inductee and member of its board of directors. Glenn had more than his share of good ideas in his life.

Some good and some brilliant, but his vision for River Park® and the treatment of alcohol and chemical dependency topped them all.

The Hayti, South Dakota native helped develop River Park® after he had received treatment for a problem he had with alcohol and other chemicals. At the time of his treatment, the only chemical dependency treatment centers in the state were located at Fort Meade for Veterans and the Human Service Center in Yankton.

Jack ParrShan BurkeGlenn saw a need and decided to do something about it. Jack Parr (pictured left) and Shan Burke (pictured right), two friends, had formed the River Park Corporation. Glenn helped state River Park's first chemical dependency treatment center in Pierre in 1970. He received a startup grant and worked with the state and convinced the nuns at St. Mary's Hospital to use part of their residence for the treatment center.

This grew to three treatment centers in eight community centers. River Park's treatment program was based on the 12 step of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Jorgenson believed in the worth of each individual. He made sure that rooms at River park® lookd more like a home than an institution, with rooms attractively decorated and homemade pies served. An atmosphere of understanding and hope was created for those fighting alcohol and chemical addiction.

One of the words often used to describe Jorgenson is creative. To educate the general public about alcoholism and its effects, he created a television show called "It's Great To Be Alive" starting in the 1970's the television program featured many well-known people who donated their time to talk about their experiences with chemical dependency.

The show was a huge success and had a major impact in increasing viewer understanding of chemical dependence in addition the "Expanding Understanding" effort utilize the support of all media allies plus public appearances.

Jorgenson was concerned with affected families, and not just the person with alcohol or chemical dependency. Glenn's wife, Phyllis Jorgenson, started a business associated of those fighting chemical dependency. Because of the efforts of Phyllis Jorgenson, families were no longer forgotten victims of drug and alcohol addiction.

Glenn is now President of the River Park Foundation. Today, River Park® no longer operates treatment centers, but Glenn and the Foundation continue to educate people about alcohol and chemical dependency and its affect on the individual, family, friends, business associates and society.