"Its Great To Be Alive" Television Program

This website's 'Video' section also includes some of the "It's Great To Be Alive" television programs that aired on television throughout the Midwest for more than 20 years starting in the 1970's.

These television programs featured many personalities who donated their time and talents to tell their very personal stories.

A few personalities that appeared on the "It's Great To Be Alive®" prgram were: Singers Johnny Cash & Larry Gatling. Attress Brooke Shields. Actor Dick Van Dyke, Native American Operatic tenor White Eagle. 2x world series champions Greg Gagne & Bobby Welch. Congressman Wilbur Mills. First Lady Betty Ford, and Dr. Robert Schuler, just to name a few.

The River Park® Foundation has preserved many of the "It's Great To Be Alive®" television programs. Several of these programs can be viewed on this website

Michele Lee

Brooke Shields

Park Side Video

Bette Ford

Greg Gagne

Clifton Davis

Chery Ladd

Helene Duhamel

Garry Moore

It's Great To Be Alive Video

George McGovern

Fran Tarkenton

Joe Foss and Others

Claudia Black

Gentle Giant

Larry Gatlin

Johnny Cash

Prison Families

Interview with Prison Men

Robert Schuler

Ralph Waite

Interview with Prison Women

Art Linkletter

Rosey Grier

Toby Waldowski

The Enablers

Bob Welch

White Eagle - Broken Wing

White Eagle - My Spirit Sings


Retrospective Videos

DVD copies of this program can be obtained from Box 578, Pierre, SD 57501. A $50 donation to River Park is requested to cover cost.The unique history of South Dakota's former River Park® Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers is documented in the six chapters of the "It's Great To Be Alive - Retrospective Video" included in the "video" section of this website.

The Retrospective Series:
It's Great To Be Alive 

The Retrospective Series:
Expanding Understanding 

The Retrospective Series:
The People and the Places 

The Retrospective Series:
A Place For Special People 

The Retrospective Series:
In The Beginning... 

The Retrospective Series: A Merger,
A Foundation, And A Lifetime of Memories...